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Hi All,

I'm starting integrating the signing platform through a POS application

I've used other signing platforms but the name of the entities seems to be different so I'm quite puzzled about where/how to start.

can someone point me the relationship/meaning of Package, Template and Document? which is the proper sequence of call/ to create those three? [given that I need to create programmatically one document to sign through API for each client of my company]


Thank you for all the support!

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Hi Gabriele,


Welcome to OneSpan Sign!

Package, I believe aka Envelope in some other signing solutions, is the main entity of a signing flow. 

The package JSON contains one or multiple documents.

As an optional option, you can create a package out of a template where #1 the document(s) of the template are hosted in OneSpan Sign instead of uploading from your local every time #2 the settings are inherited from the template.


If you simply want to create an one document package, you can refer to our Quick Start Guide for example codes.



Duo Liang OneSpan Evangelism and Partner Integrations Developer

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