WithCustomID vs WithRoleID

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SHORT:  How to assign "RoleID" to SignerBuilder in vb.Net ?

In .NET we create signers using SignerBuilder and have been placing the ID in .WithCustomId(lcIDvalue) assignment.  Up to this point, we never needed to reference it so it didn't matter.  Now I need to generate a single-signer URL to send to someonoe to sign their portion of the document.

I am trying to fetch a specific Single-Signer URL using this API (which we already use for JSon packages):

GET /packages/{packageId}/roles/{roleId}/signingUrl

The {RoleId} doesn't seem to work when using .WithCustomID but when I change the builder to .WithRoleID in .Net it gives a squiggly green unline and indicates "Obsolete: Please use Replacing() instead".

We have other apps that generate the packages using JSon, and the Roles are assigned fine and the GET signingurl above works as expected using the Role IDs we assign in JSon, but the .NET version doesn't seem to work the same way.

How can I assign a RoleID to each signer in vb.Net that can be fetched using the GET signingUrl method above?

Thank you !

-Joe Eash


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* Nevermind, i got it working.  the .WithCustomId does assign RoleID, and it is now working as expected.



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Thank for the update, Joe! Glad you got it working.

- Michael

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